Feasibility study: The reconversion of post-war high-rises. Case study: Breughelparc, Residence II, Zellik.


– Dries De Muynck –

This thesis focuses on the renovation of a typical post war high-rise building, ‘Residence II’ of the Brueghelpark (Zellik) serves as the case study. The thesis is a design research that emanates from the renovation of this building with the ideology of the modernists in mind. This vision has been lost in the majority of the post-war high-rises.

In the beginning, the decision was made to not adhere to the existing plans, but to ‘strip’ the building. In the first part, the emphasis is on the design of ‘a carrier’, which reflects the standards of fire safety and ensures the distribution of techniques. The second part focuses on the design of different concepts and programs, which fit in the selected carrier from part one.