20th of October 2016 – NZEB Symposium in Antwerp


On Thursday the 20th of October 2016 the NZEB Symposium – Passive and Beyond took place. This annual symposium (the former Passive House Symposium), is a leading event in the world of nearly-zero energy construction, and is organized by the Belgian passive house organization Passiefhuis-Platform.

Since the Brussels Region has a passive building policy and Flanders will soon decide on a nearly zero energy buildings (nZEB) definition, the NZEB Symposium is focusing its energies on 2020 and beyond. The organiser literally aims to look further than the passive house concept. They selected 24 Belgian and international expert speakers and abroad to share their knowledge and experience. The presentations during the NZEB Symposium are divided into 4 main topics: smart buildings, energy efficient renovation, integrated design & BIM and dynamic simulations. Nathan Van Den Bossche, manager of Horizon UGent, focus on the collective renovation of post-war high-rise.