ECO-life project: Sustainable zero carbon ECO-town developments improving quality of life


The ECO-life project demonstrates the development of a CO2-neutral community “Venning” in Kortrijk, from the creation of a concept to the completion of the buildings. The building physics research team of the UGent analyses the actual energy consumption of the dwellings. Important topics are: thorough monitoring of the energy fluxes, the comfort during the first years of habitation, the energy-efficiency of the district heating and the heat production based on biomass, the comparison of different ventilation concepts in situ…

The project started up in January 2010 and will end in January 2016 and in the project period there will be erected new low energy houses and renewable energy production. The project is funded under the CONCERTO Initiative, which demonstrates that the optimisation of the building sector of whole communities is more efficient and cheaper than optimisation of each building individually. Besides the community in Kortrijk, there are also communities in Denmark (Høje Taastrup) and Lithuania (Birstonas). The partners of the Belgian project are ‘Sociale woningmaatschappij Goedkope woning’, BURO II & ARCHI + I, Ghent University, E-Ster, Ingenium and evr-architecten.