Review Expert Day


15696857_10211608689363141_2120356260_oThe Expert Day about renovation of high-rise buildings is approached from different angles. The event is composed of four sections.

During the kick-off section about VISION several bold statements came up. Ir. Arch. Filip Canfyn dropped the “HipHipHooray-phenomena” and Flemish Government Architect Leo Van Broeck told a story about installing chicory- and mushroom plantations in underground garages if our mobility policy will change in a bad way.

15696203_10211608691723200_1749356323_oAlso the following section about ENERGY came out strong. Remarkable was the  presentation of Elisa Van Kenhove revealing frightening figures about legionella levels in hot tap water of a high-rise building case study.

During the TECHNICS section, prof. Nathan Van Den Bossche took the public in a nutshell along the story of the Etrimo residential towers. In particular, prof. Nathan Van Den Bossche told about  the different aspects of research necessary for renovation of these buildings.

img_20161213_144301581Finally the section about PRACTICE showed some facts in reality. Dominique Krickovic made sure all participants were given a better understanding of the role and duties of a syndic. Henceforth everyone who was present at this presentation, will be more respectful for the crucial role of the syndic.

All presentations are available here.