Research on sponsoring motivations and needs of the residents


Two groups of Communication Science students were deployed in two different assignments.

On the one hand, a group of students elaborated on the motivations of companies to sponsor a possible participation in the Solar Decarthlon competition. Former researches have shown the gaining importance of sponsorship compared to advertising, marketing and promotion. Sponsoring motivations include the following questions: Why and how companies want to sponsor and how they can be convinced to sponsor a project, and particularly this project. Research is done using SWOT, DESTEP and Stakeholders analyses. By contacting a high number of companies, lots of important info is gained, e.g. an insight into the companies expectations of the return. This way, Horizon can fit the sponsor plan to the wishes of the companies. A clear communication plan has been written how to contact companies by using the right channel and which offers can be made for preference.

On the other hand, a group worked on the needs of the residents of high-rise buildings. They tried to expose the problems of building through interviews with these residents. More specifically, it was about renovating the building. Questions like “What is your main motivation to go along with renovation in the building?” were discussed.