Facade renovation concept for Etrimo residential towers

facade system

– Michiel Desplenter, Laure De Maeseneer, Virginie Vileyn & Jonas Opsomer –

During this research an universal concept is being developed to renovate the facades of Etrimo residential towers. Besides trying to keep the apartments habitable during renovation proces, the improvement of thermal insulation as well as fire safety are the most important assumptions. Prefabrication, quick and easy placement of the panels and little breakdown of the existing facades are some of the remaining bases to develop a suitable concept.  The replaceability of the panels afterwards can be guaranteed using a framework which is positioned at the facades first.

Using recycled plastics to build up the framework is an additional challenge. Knowing the material’s low stiffness, its high creep and  its big thermal expansion, many aspects should be taken into account in the design of the concept.

This project is still in progress. For more information, please contact michiel.desplenter@ugent.be.
Facade System 2

Recycled plastics

Frame work